VariEze N840EZ Experimental Two Place Aircraft SOLD

VariEze N840EZ Experimental Two Place Aircraft Jiran Wing Attach System LyCon Engine Data RV12 Progress

Plans Built-Designed by Burt Rutan SOLD


VariEze (very ez)

Designed for Fast Safe Efficient Cruise

Tandem Seating for Two

Built from plans (Wings and attach system were built by Jiran, an early parts supplier for Rutan)

Engine is a Lycoming 0-235 Exp which can develop 125+HP at 2800 RPM

Speed Range is 65 to 220 MPH IAS

Cruise is 175-185 MPH TAS Using 4.6 to 5.2 GPH

Fuel Capacity is 28.5 Gallons

Empty Weight 798# Max Gross 1250# (Originally 1110#)

Prop Silver Bullet by Gary Hertzler

Brakes Grove 56-3M Dual Puck

Saber 6" Prop Extension

Nose Gear Electric Extension System by Jack Wilhelmson

P-Mag Electronic Self Powered Ignition, in place of the right magneto

Electric Nose Trim

Electric Actuated Landing Brake

EXPBUS II Complete Electrical System on a Special High Current Printed Circuit Board by Control Vision

Baggage Pods

Grand Rapids EIS 4000 Engine & Flight Monitor with CHT/EGT Sensors For All Four Cylinders, Oil Pressure/Temp, Volts, OAT, Flight Time & Hour Meter, Optional Airspeed, VSI & Altitude, Optional Fuel Flow, Endurance & Fuel Total Package, Optional Amp Sensor.  EZ Pilot Autopilot with Trio Avionics "Gold Standard" servo. 








The Shiny Stuff is Holographic Mylar Film For Visibility

Baggage  Pods

E-Mag Electronic Ignition Data Display

Graphic Engine Display of The Grand Rapids Engine Monitor Data

What it looked like when I bought it